Connect exhibitors and attendees in the virtual space

When hosting a virtual trade fair, your attendees and exhibitors have to be able to easily connect and interact with each other.

Create an immersive online fair experience for all attendees and exhibitors

Use innovative features to bring digital exhibitor booths to life

Encourage 1:1 interaction between exhibitors and attendees

Turn attendees into customers for your exhibitors

Your exhibitors have to get the most out of their appearance at your virtual trade fair. Ensure a positive ROI by turning attendees into paying customers.

Let exhibitors collect relevant inbound leads easily

Make it easy for attendees to engage with exhibitors that are most relevant for them

Utilise relevant data after your online fair to prove a positive ROI for your exhibitors

Delight your audience with a great virtual fair

At online fairs, exciting your attendees and exhibitors is even more important than at physical events. Ensuring a high production quality is the key for your success.

Use a virtual trade show platform that allows individual customisations

Adjust the look and feel of your virtual trade fair to your brand identity

Enable exhibitors to easily set up and modify their digital booths

A virtual fair platform tailored to your needs

Customisable trade fair platform

We customise our software to fully match the look and feel of your brand and corporate identity

Interactive exhibitor booth

Brand rooms with 1:1 communication, group discussions, product presentations & more – all in one place

Inbound leads for exhibitors

Exhibitors get an overview of all attendees that interacted with their booth

Exhibitor self-service

Thanks to our simple interface, exhibitors can set up and modify their own booths easily

Meeting availability management

Exhibitor staff can easily optimise their days by configuring their availabilities

Insightful analytics

Our analytics suite generates a comprehensive KPI set of your virtual trade fair

How does virtual trade fair consulting work?



It is a missed opportunity to translate physical trade fairs 1:1 to the virtual environment. Our consultants will help you find the best event online fair setup and most relevant features.



Our consultants know all common pitfalls and guide you through the virtual trade fair process with checklists and documentation.



During your online fair, our consultants and the technical support team make sure that your hybrid or virtual trade fair is executed smoothly.

Host your virtual trade fair with offers innovative tools that facilitate networking and interaction in the virtual space. Our virtual fair platform enables your partners, participants, leads and speakers to mingle in the most engaging and effective way.

We strive to provide the best online trade fair experience. Developed in Germany,'s platform technology offers ready-to-go and customised software solutions that are 100% tailored to your individual needs.